XML Photo Album

Version 1.7.0

Download Instructions

The software is available at the SourceForge download page. Most people just want the Windows installer (self-extracting .exe file) for the most recent version. Just download the file from your preferred mirror and run it. It will install the generator, which is all you need to start creating albums. If you want only the default display files but not the Album Generator, get the "webfiles" .zip file under the most recent version which has them (these files will not be re-released if they don't change between versions). This is only recommended for people who want to code their own generators or edit albums manually. If you think you know what you're doing and want the source code for the Album Generator, get the .zip file for the most recent version.

Linux users can now download a tar.bz2 of the executable, documentation, and support files.

Go to the SourceForge Download Page.

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